5 Marketing Trends in 2019

By Leo Gamayunov
President @ MARKÉTIKA
on June 17, 2019
The future is now. Here is a list of Marketing trends for 2019 ↓
1. Collect Business Data

In the era of technology and internet your data is gold. You are at an enormous disadvantage making business decisions without the use of your data. Start by tracking your cost-per-lead, cost-per-acquisition, average sale amount, monthly sales. Analyze the data month by month and make decisions based on the performance. Setting up an automated system of data tracking is not hard and will pay off moving forward, guaranteed.

2. Personalization

Be it a website, email or a sale presentation, make sure it is customized to the person on the receiving end. In 2019 brands develop customer journey maps starting with the very first interaction. Don't be lazy and think about how you can approach your audience so it gets their undivided attention.

3. UX & Design

The time when design was good-to-have is over. With leading companies like Apple, the world is moving toward cleaner and more thoughtful products that can be premium priced and still be desired by consumers.

4. Marketing Automation

Every day there is a new tool released to help with a certain marketing objective. With 24 hours in a day, it is impossible to know and use them all. Marketing automation helps to link the tools together creating a custom network of applications. This platform will help to turn your marketing into a system that can be built upon.

5. Content still matters

While general audience content was, is, and always will be important, specialized material for specific industries or experts can also yield impressive results. That, combined with improving techniques in measuring content effectiveness, keep content marketing relevant and moving forward.
I hope you've found this article helpful. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.
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