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keyword research
We conduct in-depth keyword research and analyze the online strategy of your competitors.
on-Site optimization
We optimize the content of your web pages and implement all necessary meta tags and structured data.
feasibility analysis
We analyze the first page competitors ranking on your keywords to create a short-term & long-term plan of action.
page speed
We make sure that your website is fast and has minimal load time (which is an important ranking factor).
mobile optimization
We optimize your website for all screen sizes to provide the best user experience to visitors using a smartphone or a tablet.
link building and blogger outreach
We develop effective link building strategies and blogger outreach tactics to build strong relationships with influencers and stakeholders of your industry.
local seo
Local Montreal business? We got you covered! We put your business on the map by creating a Google My Business account. We submit your profile to the top local listings and make sure the existing NAP information is up to date.
content creation
We research and create engaging content that your target audience is already looking for online.
monitoring and reporting
Constantly measuring the results of SEO campaigns and providing reports on positions, web traffic, user behaviour and the overall online performance of your web properties.


We organized a list of the most frequently asked questions about SEO:
what is seo and how can it help my business?
SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.

What is a search engine? Yes, you guessed it right: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

Search engines use a complicated algorithm to pull results from the web, based on the search "query" that a user is searching for. A search engine's main goal is to deliver the user with the best possible web page result that will answer a search term.

A vast amount of us uses search engines to search for products, reviews or information about our future purchases. What if your website is located in the 1st position on Google? Right! You will receive a lot of qualified traffic to your website that will result in inbound leads, calls and sales.

Search engines today are simply at the centre of everybody's attention. If you are looking to grow your reach and stand in front of people who are interested in your product, SEO is surely a channel to explore.
are there any guarantees in seo?
Because of the fact that search engines keep their algorithms a secret, no one knows exactly the factors that are affecting the website ranks.

Another big point is that SEO and digital marketing in general are an ever-changing environment where one thing can be replaced with another in a matter of months. So be careful when reading articles about SEO tactics that are more than two years old.

So how can you make SEO work for you?

It is a testing game of perseverance and dedication. We've completed more than 20 successful SEO projects to find the elements that work. There are widely used standard practices that will help in 100% of the cases. We can name at least 50 different elements that your website has to have to be growing in search engines. It is a fact that 98% of the websites do not have them implemented.

Best guarantees that we can get is referrals and success stories of previous SEO projects.
could bad seo hurt my business?
If you are building a long term business you want everything to be just right. Your website is no different.

Just like your product, sales channels and customer service, your SEO has to be carefully planned and executed to not just get organic traffic, but also to avoid unpleasant risks and penalties from Google.

Unfortunately even a minor SEO mistake can cause a whole website to go down in Google rankings. Getting back up is a tedious task as well.

Black Hat SEO, weak content, a slow website and a shady backlink profile will result in loss of rankings or even worse - penalty. Brrr.

Please be cautious with your SEO, even when a mistake is made unintentionally, Google might penalize your website.
how to measure my current seo ranks?
"Before you know where you're going, you've got to know where you've been".

To check your current positions you can always manually enter your keyword in Google and find your website in the list of results that Google returns.

This method is long and boring, there has to be a better way! Yes, there are great tools to be used to asses your current performance. Here they are:


There's a free trial for all of these.
how much will it cost me?
We always answer your questions and conduct the initial SEO report for free. We present you with a current situation analysis to illustrate and explain the evident pain points. Further on, we recommend to improve certain areas of the website that will boost rankings and will increase the organic traffic.

Before we develop any SEO strategy, we conduct a thorough case assessment to identify your website's potential of being on the first page of Google. The assessment starts at $350 CAD depending on the number of pages and keywords.

Based on the assessment of the current situation and business needs, the strategy and execution could range from $800 - $5,000 a month. This includes everything from on-site optimization to site speed, mobile optimization and blogger outreach.
what is the difference between organic and paid results? (seo vs ppc)
Paid results are the results that you see at the top of the page that have a green [ad] icon next to it.

Statistically in 2012, only 6% of all search clicks fell on ads (source). Since Google makes direct profit from AdWords, today this number has to be higher due to the constant push of AdWords into the masses. This, however, does not change the fact that most people are reluctant to click on sponsored content (AdWords)

Organic search results, on the other hand, are the results that appear below the ads. How does it work? The Search engine pulls relevant web pages that best correspond to the searched keyword. The results rank based on the search engine algorithm that takes hundreds of different metrics into account to evaluate and pull forward the best (in the eyes of the search engine) result to satisfy the search intent.

where do I start to improve my seo?
At first, find where you have problems. Screaming Frog is one of the best tools to find errors on your website.

Screaming Frog is free to use and will scan your websites' links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective. Then, it will provide you with a summary of data including errors, redirects, duplicate pages, missing header tags, etc..

Start with improving these errors.
can my website speed affect visibility?
Site speed became one of the most important success factors for user experience.

Google's main goal is to deliver most relevant search results to the user. It's in everyone's best interest to deliver websites that are most recent, fast and user friendly.

Research shows that 40% of people abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load! Don't lose customers because your site is slow.

my rankings decreased, why?
There are many reasons why your website could lose its ranking. Let's dive into the most common cases:

1. Your competitors are working hard on their SEO and are growing their ranking.

2. Your website lost a number of strong backlinks which caused your domain to lose its authority and decrease in rankings.

3. Google updated their algorithm which in turn penalized your website.

4. Your website was banned by Google because it violated their policy. To be able to fix that you must log in into your Search Console and look for "manual action" that could be applied to your website.
"Indexed" or "crawled" - what is the difference?
To provide results to users Google crawls the web. They are crawling every website to analyze its content.

While crawling the web Google is indexing the content so it appears in the search engine. You can de-index but you can't de-crawl page. Every website's page can be de-indexed.

Pages with 200 words or less considered to be thin content. To benefit your ranks, you should de-index those pages on your website.

what is the difference between external and internal links? why do I need them?
To this day, links remain to be one of the strongest SEO factors that contribute to growing your domain.

There are two types of links: internal and external

In simple words, an internal link will send a user to a another page within the website. It is important to have a logical internal link structure for best usability and browsing convenience. That is exactly what Google likes these days.

An External link (inbound link or back link) will simply bring you to another domain. Backlinks are an extremely valuable asset for any website. Think of it as a "reference". If a reputable website like sends a link to, Google thinks that site A "approved" site B. If these websites are also in the same niche - even better.

If people are talking about you on the internet, by sending links your way, congratulations, you are growing organically.
how long will it take to see results from seo efforts?
Before we discuss the work, keep in mind that Google indexes different websites differently.

The algorithm will prefer to rank websites with a higher reputation, fresh content and authority. For example a website that publishes recent news will be indexed more frequent than a website that wasn't active for 10 years.

Every SEO projects is divided into two parts: On-site SEO and Off-site SEO.

On-site SEO is all about optimizing your website so it matches the algorithm of Google to appear at the top of the search results for the targeted keywords. On-site SEO work can take up to 1 month, but the results will be seen as soon as one week.

Off-site SEO works differently. Growing a domain is a lengthy process that requires patience. Relevant website research, blogger outreach, content writing are among the daily tasks performed during the off-site SEO. It will take Google 1-2 months your newly published content.

An SEO project would normally take 4-6 months to be fully executed reaching the desired positions.
does the architecture of my website affect seo?
The structure of your website can significantly improve your ranking and conversion rate.

We already know that Google gives preference to websites that are user friendly. So having a logical and simple structure is a must these days.

We recommend to use "flat architecture" on your website to simplify the work. The rule is simple: every page of your website has to be accessible within 2-3 clicks.
what is negative seo and how bad is it?
Negative SEO is bad. Negative SEO is all about tricking Google's algorithm to acquire high positions. Negative SEO is widely used as a term "Black Hat SEO".

There are many different forms of BH SEO like keyword staffing, duplicate content, building spammy links, shady directory lists, adult or gambling links, fake social profiles and identity theft are all good examples of negative SEO practices.

We strongly advise to avoid the above tactics and be very careful when choosing the agency to handle your SEO.

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Whether it's a WordPress or a custom-made web design project, we'll make sure the final product is perfect. We follow the latest web design trends and pay extra attention to user experience.
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