Link Energy

Web Design, PPC, Social Media Management
Link Energy
Alberta, Canada
Lead Generation
Pay Per Click
Social Media
Web Design
Electricity and Natural Gas
TTBA Group
"We believe that what is good for business
should be good for the world."
Interview with Link Energy CEO Wayne Burke
1. Launch a profitable lead generation campaign
2. Grow Link Energy's brand in Alberta
3. Produce engaging content for social media
4. Manage the brand's social media and reputation
5. Manage omni-channel advertising campaigns
6. Redesign the website
how do we get there?
pay per click campaigns
Google Ads
Landing page design
Facebook and Instagram ads
Omni-channel retargeting
social media & reputation
Social Media Strategy
Content Calendar
Content Production
Reputation Management
new website
Custom design
User friendly
Conversion optimised
Easy CMS
lead generation
Landing page design
optimized to convert visitors into leads using a "tripwire" offer strategy.
Please visit on Desktop or Mobile device:
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4.76% ad ctr

To maximize CTR our team tests multiple well-written ad copies along with all the necessary ad extensions.
26% conversion

Landing pages are always tested for UX on multiple screens and browsers to optimize for lead conversion.
$5.04 per lead

During 12 month of the campaign, we collected over 3,000 leads at less than $10 per lead.
+ 721% roi

Up to 931.11% ROI monthly including agency fees expense.
want to learn more about the strategy behind this campaign?
Read our article on TTBA INSIGHTS Blog.
web design
Visit website here
social media
1M Impressions

Total impressions for the period of 12 months since the beginning of the campaign.
13,900% Increase

Total engagements on Facebook increased by 13,900% since previous date range (12 months).
1,591% Increase

Total impressions on Facebook increased by 1,591% since previous date range (12 months).
281.8% Increase

Total fans increased by 281.8% since previous date range (12 months).
ttba group has grown the roi and reduced customer acquisition costs. the team is incredibly knowledgeable, timely, and responsive. they resolved some preliminary results issues by instituting more meetings and follow-up.
Justine Coote, Marketing Manager at Link Energy
Clutch Review (read review)
some of the social media content produced:
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