D&D Moving

AdWords Lead Generation
Our mandate was to restructure & optimize the acquisition funnel for a moving company in Montreal. Services included landing page design, ad campaign optimization and "tripwire" offer development.
we identified 3 main objectives:
expand Into new

Increase average
Better-Paying Clients
Larger Projects
Longer Contracts

Increase volume of
Additional Contracts
More Brand Exposure
Better Return on Ad Spend
Landing page design
optimized to convert visitors into leads using a "tripwire" offer strategy.
Please visit on Desktop or Mobile device:
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3.27% ad ctr

To maximize CTR our team tests multiple well-written ad copies along with all the necessary ad extensions.
34% conversion

Landing pages are always tested for UX on multiple screens and browsers to optimize for lead conversion.
$6.43 per lead

During 3 month of the launch, we collected over 370 leads at less than $10 per lead. D&D team has an immediate access to the list.
+ 550% roas

+ 315% ROI including the setup fee and landing page design.
Every meeting with these guys is a learning experience.
I'm proud to say that our cost per lead and cost per client acquisition have never been lower. We're launching a few more campaigns in the coming weeks and very excited to see what's to come!
Dmitriy Ermolaev, Owner of D&D Moving
Google Review (Translated)
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